There are not words that fully describe why Salina is a place you should visit, where you can experience a rich mix of rural and nautical traditions, an extraordinary natural environment, rich archaeological sites and various museums. While in Salina you can learn a lot about history, archaeology, marine biology, anthropology, ethology, but more than anything you can relax adjusting with the its low-paste while enjoying local food and wines, a unique combination of simplicity and sophistication, richness and generosity of taste.


In Salina are located the best restaurants of the Aeolian Archipelagos, where you can taste traditional wine (there are several local wineries and Malvasia wine is an old and famous local tradition) and traditional food (mostly dishes made with local grown and fresh ingredient, such as cappers, cherry tomatoes, fresh fish); we would be happy to be helpful while your making your own choice.


It is also possible to visit the local spa, booking in advance (we strongly suggest as early as possible) a thermal path including sauna, three pools with sulphur water with hydro-massage, hot and cold walking and mud peeling, massage, and beauty services.


Many visitors do not know that, beside the amazing sea-related opportunities and amenities to enjoy the warm Tyrrhenian Sea, Salina is a unique destination for hiking, bird-watching and many other mountain activities: a large portion of the Island is occupied by the “Monte Fossa delle Felci” and “Monte dei Porri” Natural Reserve, where several hiking paths are maintained by local authorities. We can help you organizing or unique hiking experience in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.